Oriental Furniture Blue With Artistry Chinese Lacquered Hallway Table

Oriental Furniture Blue with Artistry Chinese Lacquered Hallway Table

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Oriental Furniture Blue with Artistry Chinese Lacquered Hallway Table

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Retail price £129

 This sale is for a stunning blue lacquered jewellery box complete with brass handles and hinges, hand painted and decorated with artistry of trees and pagodas. There are 3 drawers in this cabinet, which are revealed when you open the two front doors and a lid that when opened has a compartment and a mirror inlaid in the top.

 The jewellery box measures 14 inches wide x 9 inches deep x 10 inches tall.

 Newquay-bonsai & gifts have imported this jewellery box direct from the manufacturer in china which is why we can offer this item at such an excellent price (no middle man) we are also wholesalers of this beautiful item we welcome enquiries from retail out-lets.

 For thousands of years lacquered furniture has been part of the oriental culture. The skill and techniques of making this beautful furniture has been handed down from many generations. After the first coat has been applied, the furniture is treated to several layers of natural lacquer. The craftsman then paints the fine artistry and decoration by hand. A final coat of lacquer is then applied resulting in a truly stunning work of art.

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